Water Heaters

Exploring our amazing country in your caravan or camper should be relaxing and pleasurable without having to give up the luxuries of home, like taking a hot shower. There are a variety of RV water heaters available but if you want the flexibility to free camp you’ll most likely need a gas-heated model.

Water storage heaters (made by Suburban, Whale & Truma) keep a tank of hot water at a preset temperature ready for the instant you need it.

Some brands offer gas only or gas/electric models which allow you to save LPG when connected to mains power.

Instantaneous water heaters like the Camec & Challenger califont series are gas-powered and heat the water on demand.

Califonts are more often used for tiny homes and baches, special installation requirements may be needed for installation inside a small enclosed space like a motorhome so please check with you gas fitter before ordering. For 230V only water heaters see the Isotemp models - these are more suitable for marine use and are sometimes found in the campervan rental fleet.


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