In 1971 Bert Grengs started Grentec Inc., a plastic injection molding company in Burbank, CA. They began manufacturing RV gate valves, RV toilets, plumbing fittings and later some of Southern California’s iconic plastic skateboards like the “banana board”. In 1981 Bert retired and Valterra Products, Inc. began with his son, George Grengs, daughter-in-law, Patricia Grengs, daughter, Barbara Glennon, and son-in-law, Dennis Lunder owning the new company. Valterra focused on the expansion of their RV business with the acquisition of many important product lines including sewer hoses, RV locks, Fridgemate Fans, and ABS tanks. Though Valterra has grown through the years, the company continues to operate as a family business with many of the employees having worked here for 20, 30, even 40+ years! With 430+ employees and 160,000 square feet of production, warehousing, and shipping space, the Valterra team is here to help with all your RV, pool & spa, plumbing, industrial and custom manufacturing needs.


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