Air Heaters

If you want to be warm and cosy in your motorhome, caravan or boat (and use it all year round), you'll need an air heater.

To free camp and take advantage of our beautiful country, you can’t rely on grid electricity to run power-hungry electric heaters. Most motorhome heaters & marine heaters are fuelled by use of diesel or LPG. The fuel source is used to heat an inbuilt furnace/heat exchange plate. Cool cabin air is blown into the heater unit, past the heat exchange plate (where it warms up) and then re-circulates back into the cabin. Safety is paramount; we all know the risks of heating in confined spaces. It’s important to note that the combustion exhaust is vented outside the vehicle. Our RV heaters and marine heaters won’t create carbon monoxide or deplete oxygen inside the vehicle's living space.

As well as a great range of heater sizes & brands, we also have ducting, ducting fittings & warm air outlets to create the perfect heating system.

If you are unsure which heater suits your requirements, please contact us for advice.

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