Shurflo is part of the Flow Technologies Group of Pentair, Inc. and has built its reputation by filling the needs of markets that it serves. Founded in 1968, the recreation market was searching for a dependable fresh water pump to deliver water stored in tanks to the faucets, showers, and toilets installed in coaches, RVs and Caravans. Shurflo developed a line of pumps that not only met the need, they worked so well that 25 year old pumps are still working hard and efficiently every time a faucet is opened. Shurflo has remained responsive to the changing needs of this industry that pumps built today are even quieter, draw fewer amps, and are more efficient than those original pumps of the past. The same dedication to quality that has made Shurflo the leader in its pump markets has been applied to supplying motors to customers who need a dependable, experienced and innovative supplier.


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