3 Way Gas Absorption Fridges

3 way fridges, also known as absorption or gas fridges are a common style of refrigerator found in caravans. Their clever design avoids the use of moving parts, this makes them are resistant to wear and tear and operate silently.

They usually have the option of running on three modes; 12V, 230V or LPG gas. The gas mode allows caravan owners the freedom to camp away from powered sites without needing a large battery bank. A standard 9kg gas bottle can run most fridges for around 3 weeks. Some fridge models even have an Auto Energy Select (AES) mode, where the fridge will operate on the best power source available to it. Firstly, it prioritises 230V power, if not available then 12V from a towing vehicle and finally by firing up the gas mode. The installation does require a bit of planning as they are generally installed against a vehicle wall with a sealed cabinet built around them. You will also need vents fitted in the caravan wall to cool the back of the fridge compartment - which requires plenty of ventilation to perform correctly. Finally, the gas connection must be done by a registered gas fitter. We have the best 3 way brands like Dometic (previously Electrolux), Vitrifrigo and Challenger. Please see our handy video guide at the bottom of this category page, or contact us if you have any questions.


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