Bike Racks

Taking bikes with you on your travels is a great way to explore. Head to a lookout and watch the sunset, or cruise to the shops for a coffee or ice cream. If you’re travelling with kids, bikes are an easy way to keep the kids busy, especially in caravan parks where they can ride around and meet new friends.

A bike rack is the safest way to carry a bike on your motorhome or caravan. The good news is there’s a growing range of RV specific racks from brands like Fiamma and Thule. With a variety of styles, mounting options, sizes and loading options, it can be easy to take your bikes away with you on your next trip.

Lift bike racks have a height adjustable platform, which is great for heavier e-bikes or if you need to install the rack high up on the vehicle wall. The platform is raised and lowed by either a manual crank handle or electric switch. This makes securing your bike much easier and avoids straining your back by lifting a heavy bike.

E-Bike racks offer the maximum load capacity. With the growing popularity of E bikes, you can now buy racks suitable to carry the added weight, which can be up to 50% heavier than a normal bike.

Caravan A-frame or drawbar bike racks are designed for installation onto the A frame of your caravan or trailer. Some can even pivot forward, allowing access to the storage compartment even when bikes are mounted.

Van suitable bike racks are designed to fit on vans with 2 rear doors. The rack is mounted onto one of the doors, which allows them to still open and be functional. The bike rails are offset from the rack to centralise the bikes. The weight capacity of these racks is typically restricted to a maximum of 35 kg to prevent damage to the vehicle door hinges.


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