Reversing Cameras

Caravans and Campervans often navigate tight parking spaces and difficult terrain when reversing.

Without a reversing camera you face an increased risk of damaging your vehicle which often entails enormous repair costs or worse, third party claims. With a reversing camera you can remove much of the stress from driving with your sight reduced. When choosing at reversing camera system for your RV, we always recommend the following; monitor should operate over a wide input voltage range, have automatic switching when the reverse gear is engaged, accept multiple camera inputs and have a high resolution TFT-LCD screen. Camera viewing angle MUST be between 120-180 degrees. Any less than 120 degrees will restrict the view, any more will create a dangerous fisheye image. The camera should also have a CCD style image sensor which gives better performance in low/bright light. Important features to look for also include infra-red night vision, audio monitoring and camera demisting whereby a small internal heater switched on in low temperatures to stop fogging.


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