Challenge Yachts Ltd is a New Zealand-owned and operated company specializing in off-grid, alternative energy appliances. The company is based in Auckland where they have a warehouse, service department, technical centre and showroom. The business was established in the 1960s by Kalman Bekesi. Challenge Yachts Ltd became leaders in the marine and manufacturing industry; They were the first company to manufacture and export production yachts to the United States from New Zealand. Innovation, invention, skill and technical expertise have been the signature of the company ever since. For over 40 years Challenge Yachts has been distributing to the wholesale, trade and retail markets of New Zealand with a focus on the marine and recreational vehicle sectors. Today Challenge Yachts Ltd proudly manufactures and distributes its Challenger range of products. Challenger products are manufactured to stringent safety standards and the highest of quality. With all of their products designed with the New Zealand environment in mind, they commonly outperform rival products that are imported. The Challenger brand has become a household name for many boaties and motorhome owners.

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