With well over 4 million products sold in over 100 countries since 1993—functioning in some of the most extreme environments and mission-critical applications in the world—Morningstar Corporation can truly claim to be “the leading supplier of solar controllers and inverters.” That success is why Morningstar has had staying power and stable management for over 27 years, along with the lowest employee turnover rate— in an industry where many companies come and go. Morningstar’s main advantage can be summed up in two words: employee ownership. Their own reputations literally ship with each product they make, so they continually strive to keep their quality and reliability at an industry-record high. This is how they have earned the lowest hardware failure rate in the industry. Employee ownership is the secret behind their industry-leading quality and value—and why those words are not just a cliché or catch-phrase, but actually mean something at Morningstar.

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