Satellite Dishes & Antennas

Watch your favourite TV programs while away from home.

A satellite dish in conjunction with a Satellite Freeview (DVB-S2) receiver is the only reliable way of watching TV while travelling in your caravan or motor home.

Unfortunately TV antennas only allow you to receive TV signal near a main centres where there is a direct line-of-sight with a land based broadcasting tower. A satellite dish allows you to get crystal clear TV reception anywhere in the country because the signal comes down from a satellite orbiting Earth. We have a range of sat dishes to suit every budget & camping style. From portable dishes to the always popular Winegard roof mounted dish, even fully automatic and dome satellite dishes - we have it all. If you don’t already have a TV with built in satellite receiver (DVD-S2), you will need to purchase one. The SKYBOX M3S model is a great example – it’s can run off 12V/230V and is also compatible with some are SKY cards.


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