Vango is a Scottish manufacturer of camping equipment. It was founded in 1966 with the acquisition of tent manufacturer James McIlwraith, of Govan, in the West of Scotland, by Alistair Moodie and its name was changed to Vango, an anagram of the placename. The company's best-known product, the Vango Force Ten tent, introduced in 1967, is notably durable and famous for being bright orange. The name is derived from (its implied ability to withstand) winds of strength 'Force 10' (gale) on the Beaufort Scale. The Force Ten Classic is now seen as iconic. In 2011 Vango entered the inflatable tent market. With their AirBeam concept, which used inflatable tubes instead of poles. So large family tents could be easily pitched by one person in a matter of minutes. A large five berth tent like the Vango Genesis 500 tent requires six minutes to pitch. In 2014 Vango broadened the use of the AirBeam technology to encompass caravan awnings, which they call AirAwnings.


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