Viewtech 7" Reversing Camera Kit. For Motorhomes

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With a 7" LCD colour monitor and heavy duty automatic defrosting camera, this is by far the most common kit.

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Reversing Camera Features

Get rid of your towing mirrors with this motorhome rearview system. You will always be able to see who is directly behind you reducing driving distress and increasing road safety.

Camera Features

The heavy duty camera is built to last - Made out of cast aluminium it can handle the odd knock or two.

160 degree angle field of view - The perfect angle of field is somewhere between 120-180 degrees. Any less than 120 deg will restrict the view. Any more an 180 will start to create a distorted fisheye image which is extremely dangerous.

CCD Image Sensor - Significantly better images under very low and very bright lighting conditions.

Infrared Night Vision - Provides between 5-10m of illumination in pitch black conditions.

Audio Monitoring - Camera has a built in microphone helpful when the driver needs the assistance of a helper while backing.

Built in heater - Automatic defrosting and demisting to stop fogging (heater kicks in when temperature drops below 10 degrees)

Monitor Features

Automatic System Switching - System can switch on automatically whenever the vehicle's transmission is placed in reverse and also be manually switch on while driving.

Mirror Image Capability - In order to see the same type of image that you would see in a rear view mirror.

TFT-LCD screen - High resolution screen for superior brightness & best picture under the wide variety of lighting conditions.

Up to 3 camera inputs.

10-32V Input Voltage - Wide Input Voltage for a range of automotive applications.

Kit & Installation

This kit is incredibly easy to install. All electrical contacts are done at the monitor end which includes the red '+' & black '-' connection and a third reverse light sense wire which is optional if you would like the system to power up when reverse is selected. All camera connections are done out of the monitor via ONE 4-pin cable. This makes installation very straight forward and a lot easier than you think.

Heavy duty camera
20m cable
Wiring loom
Dash mount
Infrared remote control
Bracket mount
1 x RCA cable adaptor
1 x Front input jack RCA adaptor

Wired vs. Wireless

We often get asked the difference between wired & wireless systems. While the picture produced by a high quality wireless system may be okay when the vehicle is stationary, every wireless device (every one) is susceptible to interference, and the interference will be worse when the vehicle is in motion. Because a wireless system transmits a video image through the air, instead of via a cable, there can be some interference from a variety of sources, including electrical interference, radio and television transmitters, and many other sources encountered as the vehicle moves. Most wireless systems have directional antennas on the camera and receiver that must be aimed directly at each other, these antennas are easily broken during normal use. We personally prefer a wired system. If you insist on a wireless rear view system, you will have to settle for a lower quality picture than you would have with a high quality wired system, and at least some occasional interference.

More Information
Monitor screen size / type 7" Colour
Monitor operating voltage 10 to 32 Volts DC
Monitor power input 12 watts
Monitor dimensions (mm) 200W x 140H x 34D
Camera resolution 280 000 pixels
Camera light sensitivity 0 Lux
Camera picture angle 160 deg aperture angle, diagonal
Camera dimensions (mm) 86 x 72 x 75
Warranty 2 years
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