Redarc Charge Equaliser - 40 Amp

The Redarc charge equaliser is commonly used to charge a 12V battery bank from a 24V starting battery or to equalise both 12V batteries within a 24V bank.
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Redarc Charge Equaliser - 24V to 12V 40A

A Charge Equaliser allows you to draw stable & clean 12V power from one of the 12V batteries in a 24V battery bank. This can be for communication equipment, CB/HF radio, CD players, depth sounders, computers, ABS brakes etc. The unit will then ensure that the voltage in both the 12V batteries (connected together to make a 24V bank) are equalised and equal. Without a Charge Equaliser, the voltage of the battery supplying the 12V load would decrease and 24V system would soon fail. The REDARC Charge Equaliser has a high peak current capability and fast transient response suited for loads requiring a safe, clean and stable 12 volt supply.

The REDARC Charge Equaliser has a maximum 40A output and offers improved functionality, reduced installation complexity and features input isolation, negating the need for an input relay or isolator. It has the advantage of drawing power from a battery rather than through a current limited device, like a voltage reducer. This allows for a much larger peak current draw. Plus,  it's a great solution when space prohibits installation of a separate 12-volt battery.


Designed to keep your 24-volt batteries equally charged
Reduce downtime and running costs by extending battery life
Peak load currents are limited only by the battery
Designed for Australia's Harsh Conditions
Based on the award-winning BCDC Platform
High peak current capability
Fast transient response
Sealed and suited for commercial applications
Simple to install
All 12V equipment is fully protected.
Protection against electrical system spikes, water-resistant, mechanical shock and vibration.


Voltage 12V
Weight .7kg

This device can also charge and maintain a separate 12V house battery / auxiliary battery. For this, we recommend using a relay or VSR (Voltage Sensing Relay) on the input side of the charge equaliser. This will disconnect it's standby power draw while the vehicle is switched off.

More Information
Weight 1.5kg
Dimensions (mm) 300L x 135W x 75H
Warranty 1 year
Output power 480W
Continuous load rating 40A
Peak load rating 200+ Amps
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