BEP Voltage Sensing Relay - 12V/24V 140A Dual Sense

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A VSR senses the voltage of both battery banks connected across it. If either battery bank is receiving a charge the VSR will parallel the two battery banks.
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BEP 140A Voltage Sensing Relay

The Digital Voltage Sensing Relay (DVSR) allows the charging of a second battery bank from any single charging source. When the voltage on the charged bank rises sufficiently, the DVSR engages allowing the 2nd battery bank to charge. When charging stops and voltage falls, the DVSR automatically isolates the battery banks, ensuring that engine start batteries are kept fully charged. Digital circuitry provides superior reliability and extremely low power consumption. Digital enhancements have introduced remote sensing circuitry that allows an optional connection from the ignition switch to provide the same functionality as single sense VSR and zero power consumption when the engine is off. Another benefit is a zero stand by current draw when remote sensing circuit is utilized with a storage mode switch fitted (switch in an open position).

Lowered cut in voltage from 13.7V to 13.4V (26.8V for 24V) to suit low output alternators and high-temperature environments. When the voltage of a battery bank reaches 13.7 volts, the VSR engages, allowing two battery banks (start and house) to be charged simultaneously. When the voltage drops below 12.8 volts (eg. the engine is stopped), the VSR disengages, separating the batteries. This system eliminates the possibility of draining the start battery and protects sensitive electronic equipment powered from the house battery from harmful engine start-up spikes.


Safely charge two or more independent battery banks from one charge source such as an alternator or battery charger
Charges engine starting batteries before combining auxiliary bank for charging
Protects start batteries from becoming flattened by domestic loads
Isolates electronics from harmful electrical surges from starter motors
Simple to install 3 wire connection leaves alternator wiring intact
No volt drop vs diode isolators
Ignition protected
Surface or panel mountable
Replaces previous models 710-125A and 710-125A-DS
Multi-voltage, auto selects between 12 and 24V DC operation
Digital circuits provide very low power consumption and enhanced performance
Remote status LED output option
80% lower stand-by current draw during normal operation when powered but disengaged
Increased accuracy of voltage measurement through digital circuitry


Continuous current: 140 Amps
Continuous rating: 140
Engages: 13.2 VDC, Disengages: 12.7 VDC
Dimensions (mm): approx 69L x 69W x 50H 

Advantages of fitting a VSR over conventional diode isolators:

Easy 3 wire connection at the battery. No need to bypass existing alternator wiring.
VSRs have no volt drop. Conventional diode isolators incur a minimum of 0.6-volt drop.
Compact size - no large heat sink
Cost-effective solution



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