Power Train 30A DC-DC Battery Charger

DC to DC Battery charger and VSR all in one solution. Ideal for caravans, motorhomes, boats or anywhere dual battery 12 volt to 12 volt charging is required.
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Power Train DC-DC Charger

A DC to DC charger overcomes the problems associated with a VSR (Voltage sensitive relay) or split charging systems which can struggle to correctly charge an auxiliary battery perfectly due to voltage drop or different battery chemistries.

A VSR operates as a switching device that connects the auxiliary battery to the main vehicle battery when a specific voltage has been reached on the main battery. When both batteries are connected the vehicle attempts to charge both batteries from the vehicles charging system. When the vehicle is turned off the VSR disconnects the auxiliary battery from the main battery so the auxiliary circuits don’t drain from it.

A Powertrain DC to DC charging system still offers the same VSR switching technology but adds a microprocessor controlled 3 Stage battery charger. This ensures your auxiliary battery can now be fully charged using the correct smart charging algorithm, overcome voltage drop due to long cable lengths, and still leave enough charge in the main battery to restart the vehicle.


A simple push of a button to select the battery chemistry of the auxiliary battery type. Once selected, the charger remembers the chemistry selected and won’t change unless you re-select another type again.

3 Stage smart charging which comprises of BOOST, ABSORPTION and FLOAT ensures that optimal charging is achieved using safe charging algorithms that guarantee longer battery life and more usable power.

Voltage drop over long cable lengths between cranking and auxiliary batteries is a thing of the past. The Powertrain DC to DC charger will boost the supply voltage to ensure your auxiliary battery can be recharged to 100%. Perfect for caravans or 5th wheeler applications.

The microprocessor controller will ensure the main battery is not discharged below 12.4 volts. This will ensure the main battery is left with enough voltage to start the vehicle.

Technical Specification

Model: PTCD12V30A
Charge Type: 3 Stage Pulse Charge
Input Voltage: 12.8 to 16 VDC
Charging Start Voltage: 13.2 V
Min start Voltage (Aux Battery): 1.5V
Suitable Battery Type: Gel, Calcium, Lead Acid / AGM
Soft start: Yes
Equalisation: Automatic
Output Voltage (Absorption): 14.3V Gel, 15.3V Cal, 14.7V LA/AGM
Output Voltage (Float): 13.3V Gel, 13.8V Cal, 13.8V LA/AGM
Output Current: 30 Amp
Aux Battery Capacity: 36-600 A/h (or 300 - 800 CCA for automotive)

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