It's an RV World

You've made a great choice!

At RV World, we're unabashed fans of the motorhome. We think it's the very best way to holiday. Sometimes it feels more than that too - perhaps the perfect lifestyle for kiwis who love to travel without the hassle.

Our philosophy - maximum enjoyment

We're dedicated to seeing more kiwis enjoy more of our incredible country. Our philosophy is to add value to your RV any way we can - that's why we have one of the biggest online range of RV parts available and follow-up support to match. That way, you get to build your dream and make the most of your time out on the road.

You're in good company

More and more Kiwis are choosing to RV. The ability to travel on a whim, while retaining all the comforts of home is an increasingly popular way to holiday in our country. While international tourists rent over 50,000 RV vehicles per annum, locals hire around 10,000, averaging around 9 nights on the road. NZ Motor Caravan Association of RV owners, reports of 60,000 members and 35,000 registered vehicles. That’s lots of New Zealanders getting out amongst it. Globally, RV sales are booming. In the US, where 2/3 of all RVs are made, they're making half a million vehicles a year - a 40 year high.

New Zealand's got it made

Our country is made for RVing. With over 1500 campsites, wonderful roadways, and incredible destinations in close proximity, RVing is more about enjoying great spots and not necessarily too much driving.

Travelling in comfort

RVs are your home away from home. Whether it's your favourite pillow, or your favourite blend of tea - RVs let you travel your way, in so many ways. Plus, there are so many add-ons: upgrading your RV with all the mod-cons is great fun in itself.

Keeping it real

RVs make travel affordable - so you can do more of it. Surveys show RVers regularly save between 15 and 50% off holiday costs - even accounting for fuel and capital costs. On average, RV owners spend less than $100 per day over and above camp fees - which is significantly less than the average tourist spend per day of $175. That means more holidays, more often - for so many kiwis.

Pets are welcome

Our animal babies are a big part of our lives. And many of us want them to come with us on holiday - they're part of the family and it wouldn't be the same without them. There are no animal restrictions in an RV.

Less planning, more fun

RVs reduce the need for all that travel planning - from flight booking to accommodation seeking and transfers, RV holidays eliminate all that work! Just climb aboard and drive.

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