VuQube Semi-Automatic Portable Satellite Dish

Enjoy Satellite TV anywhere. All the advantages of a roof-mounted dish and portable unit all-in-one!
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VuQube Satellite Dish

With the innovative, ultra-portable VuQube satellite antenna you can now take your shows anywhere your life takes you. The VuQube offers a quick and convenient way to enjoy your favorite sporting events or shows whether you are hitting the open road for a weekend away or hosting a BBQ in the back yard with family and friends.

Ultra-portable and lightweight with built in carry handle
Self-contained and weather resistant
Powered from satellite receiver - through co-axial cable
Automatic dish leveling - allows the VuQube to be set on unlevel surfaces
Wireless remote - easily elevate and rotate dish to find signal
For use all around New Zealand and some areas of Australia (see usage map)
Comes with 15m of cable
Made in the USA

One Person Easy Set-up:

The true power of the VuQube Satellite Antenna is its portability and simple one person set-up. The VuQube antenna is self contained in a weather resistant enclosure. It requires no assembly or installation, just place the VuQube on the ground, on a picnic table or anywhere there is a clear view of the northern sky. Once positioned, run a single coaxial cable (provided with purchase) from the satellite receiver to the VuQube and use a wireless remote to move the motorized antenna dish inside the VuQube until you lock on to a signal.


Additional Information
Additional Information
Power consumption Powered via satellite receiver
LNB frequency 10.750
Dimensions (mm) 440H x 420 diameter
Weight 4.5kg
Warranty 1 year
Customer Reviews (8)
Vu Qube is a must
I like most people was torn between a low cost dish and stand type aerial and high cost auto tracking roof top systems. I am an electronic engineer who has installed many polar mount dish systems as well as static systems so I knew that a stand type dish system was a recipe for frustration. On the other had I can afford most of what I want but who needs to spend $2k to $3.5k on a dome thingy that stops you ever putting a cover on your van easily. Luck for me a bumped into a guy who said you need to look at the VuQube. OK bottom line is it is the best $700 you will ever spend. No need to level it just plonk it on a table or the ground or the roof, plug it in, play with the remote for a maximum of one minute and that's it. JUST GO AND BUY ONE they are brilliant. Review by Philip (Posted on 27/05/2017)
Awesome product, SO easy to use.
This is SO easy to use, within about 10 mins of opening the box (another 2 mins scanning the booklet) and running the cable I had perfect TV.
I am so glad i got rid of the time consuming portable dish with finder and stand. I and normally just give up and read a book.
It was really simple to set up, search and use, and when your done it just goes away under the bed or in the front cover. AND it was the best price ANYWHERE!!, I checked!
The booklet is handy, very easy to read, the whole setup is just so easy to use and everything worked just as it said it would. Highly recommend getting one of these to anybody looking at fixed setups or the portable dish style setup, with this you will be able to use it anywhere, no matter where you are parked. We have done the Winegard and portable style. THIS is the BEST.
Review by milturn (Posted on 1/05/2017)
Great device
Was very to set up and get running, picks up the satellite easily and quickly. I highly recommend this product. Review by allan (Posted on 22/02/2017)
This dish works just great
My experience with RV World went smoothly and easy. The satellite dish works just great and will enjoy TV when we travel in our caravan. Fast and efficient service with fast delivery. Thank you Review by Annette (Posted on 20/09/2016)
Easy to use
Great Product, easy to use and great size for storing in caravan. Great service from RV World in the supply and delivery of the VuQube. Review by BJ (Posted on 4/04/2016)
5 stars
Works well and is easily stored for travel. It was easy to set up and will definitely improve our TV experience. Review by Larry (Posted on 9/10/2012)
Very easy to use
After a few problems to get it to work initially I now find it extremely easy to set up. Just put it on the ground and point to the general direction of North, set satellite elevation for your area with the remote (a map of NZ with elevations for each area is included with the instructions) then adjust azimuth also with the remote until you get a picture.. Far easier to use than the portable satellite dish we use to use, also a lot quicker and you can keep dry if it happens to be raining.

Initial problem was the LNB frequency of 10.750 was not set in my Strong satellite receiver. This was overcome by going into the menu of the receiver and adjusting it to 10.750.

Thanks Craig, and also to Sam of Camec for his help with the LNB frequency problem.
Review by Derat (Posted on 18/08/2012)
Great portable dish
Below is a product review article that I wrote for an RV magazine. I've been using this VuQube for over four years now and it still works as great as it did the day I got it.

Big Box:

I was disappointed when the brown truck showed up with the VuQube box. This so-called "portable" unit was bigger than the fridge in my college dorm room. My wife was going to kill me. All I could think was, "This thing better work like a champ, because I'm a dead man when she sees this big clunky box." But was I relieved when I opened the carton. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the packaging was just overkill--the VuQube itself was incredibly small. I thought it would have to be at least as big as a standard dish, but it's much smaller than that. That was a relief. I couldn't wait to get out on the road to test it out.

Quick Setup:

I was anxious to set up the VuQube and see if it really worked as advertised. I knew I was going to write up my experience, so I took my time and was prepared to be methodical so I could document my setup steps. But the surprises kept on coming. I hooked up receiver inside. I set the VuQube on the ground outside and connected it to the coax jack on the side of the trailer. From manually aiming a dish for so many years, I knew approximately which direction to point a dish. I didn't bother to point the VuQube with any precision. I turned it on and typed in the first setting (the elevation) and then came the bad news: it just worked! That was actually bad for me. How am I supposed to write this up when it just works? Did I just get lucky? I don't see "luck" in their instructions. I couldn't even tell how it worked. This isn't going to be much of a write-up, is it? I decided I'd better take a few steps back and figure out why Spongebob and Patrick were dancing on my TV when I didn't really do anything.

How Does it Work?

As the name implies, a satellite dish uses a parabolic (bowl-shaped) surface to gather signals from a satellite transmitter and bounces the signals to a component in the center of the dish called an LNB. Picture a lady sunbathing by the pool with one of those metallic reflectors focusing all of the sun's rays on her face. Like the reflector, the shape of the dish focuses the satellite signals onto the LNB (about the size and shape of a small doorknob). But in the same way the sunbather needs to be facing the sun, the satellite dish has to be pointed (with a fair amount of precision) at the satellite in the sky.

There are two measurements that have to be dead-on to get reception from a satellite:

* Elevation (up and down)
* Azimuth (side to side)

If the dish isn't properly aligned up and down or side to side, then no Spongebob. Since the sky is a big place, there are an infinite number of wrong places to point the dish. That's why I'm not a huge fan of manual aiming. I think I'm pretty good at it, but that doesn't mean I like doing it. The biggest hassle in manually aiming a dish is that I'm the one who has to stand outside in the heat or the cold or the rain or the wind and point the thing, while everyone else is inside having a good time. To make it worse, I can't tell when I've finally locked onto the signal, because I'm outside and the TV is inside. I can turn up the volume so it's loud enough for me to hear outside, but the receiver just beeps annoyingly until you get it right. That just makes everyone miserable, while I move the dish this way or that way until it finally locks on.

Go VuQube, Go

The VuQube comes with a remote control that you use to aim the dish inside the cube. That means I can stand inside the trailer next to the TV and view the signal strength on the TV, instead of relying on my kids to tell me when I've locked on. Even better than that, I don't need to hassle with the trial and error of moving a dish up and down, because I can just enter the elevation (up and down measurement) with the remote and then similarly adjust it from side to side.

That explains my "luck." It turns out that it does matter what direction you initially orient the VuQube. My "luck" turned out to actually be "experience" when I positioned the cube in the same direction I always used to point my old dish. So to effectively aim the VuQube, I recommend using a compass when you first place the unit on the ground. Your satellite receiver will tell you the azimuth in degrees and that's easy enough to find with your compass.

I wanted to see how easy it would be to make the VuQube fail. What if luck and/or experience hadn't been on my side? So I pointed the VuQube about a quarter turn in the wrong direction and put a rock under one of the corners so it wouldn't be level. While it didn't exactly fail, it took a minute or two to get it back into adjustment. The VuQube detected that the ground was uneven, so the elevation was easy to configure. However, it took a little while to adjust the azimuth, since I had purposely aimed it in the wrong direction.

All in all, the procedure for setting up the VuQube couldn't be more different or more pleasant than setting up a manual dish. Set up the TV, plug in your receiver, connect the VuQube, enter the elevation, fine-tune it from side to side, and hand daddy a beer.

For me, the pros are pretty straightforward: price and ease of use. Plus the thing just works! Sweet!

Not so obvious is the fact that the VuQube isn't as susceptible to the wind as a regular dish. I used to have to re-adjust our dish after a long windy night. But the VuQube just stays put. The portable RV version is actually the younger brother of their original product for truckers. Since that version was mounted behind the cab of the truck, it was designed to stand up to high winds. The portable VuQube is stable enough to stay-put on the ground or on the roof.

There aren't too many points on the downside. One minor complaint is that there isn't any good way to secure the device against theft. I never worried about my El Cheapo dish being stolen, but I'd be pretty upset if my VuQube walked away while we're out on a ride. Also there currently isn't a high definition version of the VuQube. That's not the end of the world, since we're technically supposed to be roughing it when we're camping. I wouldn't be surprised to see an HD version in the future.

The bottom line is that the VuQube is just what I was looking for: a simple and quick satellite setup at a fair price. My leisure time comes at a premium. I'm glad I'll be spending less time setting up the dish and more time enjoying the trip.
Review by Dave Edmiston (Posted on 7/08/2012)
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