This chart shows you the New Zealand Elevation and Bearing settings you'll need to help set up your satellite dish.

1. Note the elevation & azimuth for your area.

2. Use a compass to locate the required bearing (Azimuth), try finding a landmark on the horizon so you can put away your compass.

3. Ensure that your Freeview / SKY decoder / TV is switched on and the volume will be loud enough to hear.

If you are using a portable satellite dish:

Find a suitable place for your dish to sit. The dish needs to point towards your landmark (that you have already picked out in step 2) so make sure there are no tall trees close by or vehicles in the way.

Now adjust the elevation. Most portable dishes don't have an accurate way of determining this (it's usually a case of trial and error). If the previous town's elevation was 41 deg, make a notch on your elevation mechanism which notes 41. If your new town requires elevation of 39 degrees, you will obviously have to lower the elevation slightly. If you still have no success, try this technique;

Pick up the dish an hold it against your chest. Scan the general area listening for the broken parts of sound coming from the TV! This is a good indication you have found the satellite and just require some fine tuning.

If you are using a Winegard wind-up satellite dish:

Press the button on the white elevation meter. It will display the elevation and stay illuminated for approx 30 seconds. Wind up the dish to the correct elevation level for your area.

Now rotate the dish to the azimuth (or landmark point you've previously found on the horizon from step 2). The arrow on the inside Winegard control panel indicates the direction it is pointing at.

If you don't get TV signal immediately, try scanning the sky very slowly through the 10 degrees either side of your landmark. The elevation may have changed as you rotated the dish so double check that it is still correct.

A note on satellite meters

In the sky, there are other satellites nearby the one you are trying to find. If you are using a satellite meter, it will 'screech' at you even if you are locked onto the wrong satellite. No picture may mean you are locked on to the wrong satellite.

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