Inflatable awnings are growing in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. Inflatable awnings are much faster to put up and take down because there are no steel poles making packaging a lot lighter. With no steel poles in place, the likely damage to your motorhome in a storm conditions is also reduced. It’s also easy enough for one person to put up and take down.

Inflatable Awning Features

There are two types of tubing with inflatable awnings. Some have inflation points for every tube and others have interconnected air-tube systems where there is one inflation point for the whole system. This can be quicker to erect but slower to dismantle. Because of the complex air tubing, it may also need more maintenance.

Some inflatables have less detachable panels so it can be heavier and more awkward to feed through the awning rail. Leaking through the inflation points may also occur. Following the manufacturer's instructions can help with any problems you may have getting it set up. 

Some awnings run at right angles to the RV wall with beams that are parallel with the wall. The inflation points are easy to get at location. Then another inflatable beam is placed in between to connect them. The awning structure is then reinforced with heavy-duty velcro which keeps it stable.

The awning is made to be weather tight with a fabric covered strip of foam plastic. This is held in place with two steel poles to compress the seal and keep it in place. You can also purchase zip on annexes for most popular structures.

Awnings that remain erect without any support from a vehicle are also popular on the market. The awnings sold here that are built for the british market should meet the british standard for the use intended. Type W is for winter, Type R is residential, Type T for Touring and Type L for lightweight. 

Leaving it up

Unfortunately here in New Zealand, most inflatable awnings are not recommended for seasonal pitching (leaving it up for the whole summer) because of the harsh UV rays. Always consider the quality of the fabric when purchasing an awning. 

Awnings can provide shelter from the sun and can double the living area of your set up. Our awning range includes accessories like awning rafters, side walls and enclosed rooms and a selection of spare parts. Here at RV world we sell inflatable awnings from a well renowned company in the UK called Vango. Vango designs inflatable awnings for both campervans and caravans using high quality materials. Awnings designed by Vango have considered the needs of campervan and caravan owners alike to ensure that there is a design well suited for your summer holiday. Browse our range here.