Photo from Hex Pegs

Pegs require effort to hammer in and are even harder to pull out. I’m sure most of you can agree that this is a tedious task and you’d rather spend your time doing something else. This is where Hex Pegs come in. Hex pegs are threaded pegs which you can drill in and out of the ground with any type of drill. This makes pegging down your shelter or mat quick and provides great stability.

How does it work?

Hex pegs are long threaded pegs made out of high quality steel, with a rubber grommet and a stainless steel tape and washer. These pegs can come with hooks (for guylines) and without (for matts) and come with different types of threads for different terrain. They can be secured by using any type of drill or impact driver. Drilling your peg into the ground not only makes pegging down easy, it makes removal a breeze too. This means no more aggressive hammering our strenuous pulling like normal pegs. They can easily support 100kgs of weight so you can rest easy knowing that hex pegs will be securely in place.

Types of Hex Pegs

The standard design of Hex Pegs can be used on most standard terrain but some ground is harder or softer than others. This problem has been solved with pegs that come in different lengths and different threading. For harder ground types, shorter Hex Peg will be better suited. These come in flat tops or hook tops depending on your needs. For softer terrain there is a special sand and snow peg made from reinforced nylon. This can also be secured with a drill or by hand.

If you’re ready to make your next trip less of a hassle you can find a few different options for Hex pegs on our website. You can purchase flat top Hex Pegs that are long or short which are perfect for securing mats. Otherwise, for securing guylines there are hook tops available that are long or short. You can also secure your Hex Pegs with the special Hex Peg socket made from chrome vanadium otherwise any socket works fine too.