Photo by Jennie Clavel on Unsplash

Floor matting is an essential when it comes to any caravan or motorhome owner who wants to enjoy the outdoors. When considering floor matting, size is not all that matters. Floor matting provides a comfortable base when relaxing outside and it stops you tracking any dirt into your RV. If you get an effective mat it will also be breathable and disperse any water so you don’t get unpleasant puddles. 

Shade Cloth

This is a popular, low cost option that may be effective for short term use. In the long run we don’t suggest it. This and any other type of material that is purchased in place of outdoor floor matting will not be reinforced around the edges, which means that in time it will fray and tear. Pegging down shade-cloth without any eyelets also compromises the longevity and how securely in place it will be. It will also not be great at dispersing any dirt and water because the weave on shade-cloth is tighter than standard outdoor mats. This is because shade cloth is designed to keep out the sun, hence the name. It can also be a safety issue because it’s usually made of woven fiberglass which when wet, is quite slippery to walk on. 

Synthetic Mesh

These types of mats are made from layers of weaving and allow sand and dirt to fall through. They are made from fabric which is rot-proof, UV stable and is breathable to ensure the grass below doesn’t die. Because they are more lightweight, they will need to be pegged down in order to keep them flat. We suggest using Hex Pegs for pegging down, you can read more about hex pegs here.

PVC Foam

These types of mats are heavy and dense therefore, cover the ground with no need to use pegs. The surface of this mat is a lot softer but is not as effective when it comes to dirt falling through.These mats instead can be swept in order to be kept clean. 

It’s important that you choose an outdoor floor mat that will be able to function effectively and be able to last the long haul. At RV world, we have this mat which is sturdy, breathable, non slip.