Man using caravan mover.
Image from Truma website.

If you’ve ever tried to move a caravan by hand, you’ll know it’s hard work. Thankfully the days of strenuous work are over now that caravan movers are on the market. Movers take on the job of moving and maneuvering the caravan with minimal effort from you. There are different types of movers but all are great for taking the hard work out of setting up on your next holiday.

Permanently mounted motor movers

This is the most advanced option. This type of mover uses little motors that permanently mount on the chassis of the vehicle and is used with a remote control. It moves the caravan with rollers that turn each wheel, making it the perfect hands off experience when maneuvering into tight spaces. The motors are powered by the leisure battery. Although this option is the more expensive one, once attached, all you have to do is use the remote to operate it.


Jockey wheel style movers

This mover looks similar to the existing jockey wheel on your caravan.This option requires a bit more hands on involvement but is still an effective way of taking the work out of moving your caravan. Jockey wheel style movers are operated by a chain drive crank system and feature a safety brake. It also allows you to also move the trailer up and down for precise hitching. When towing your caravan, most jockey wheel style movers will allow you to either pull a pin and fold it horizontally or you will be able to detach it.


Movers which fit to you tow coupling (camper trolleys)

This is another motorised mover that is connected to the tow coupling of the vehicle. This is controlled by a remote control as well but requires charging. These systems are attached by a cushioned bracket on the draw bar which can stay permanently by a clamping mechanism. This means no welding or drilling so it can be removed easily. The placement of the bracket should be as far back as possible to ensure that most of the weight is mainly on the mover. The motorised system then attaches to the bracket and is removed when towing.


Which one should I choose?

When choosing a mover some things to consider are weight of the caravan and ease of use for your individual situation. There is no right or wrong and personal preference is key here. Caravan movers are a great addition to any caravan and if you’re unsure about what type to get you can always contact our team for advice on what might work better for you. Browse our range of movers here.

  1. Camec Elite Caravan Mover Camec Elite Caravan Mover
    Special Price $1,979.00 Regular Price $2,150.00
  2. Trailer Valet Mover Trailer Valet Mover
    Special Price $829.00 Regular Price $875.00
  3. Camper Trolley CT1500 Camper Trolley CT1500