Caravan with open door.
Image from Camec

Camec has been around for over 45 years making high quality caravan accessories. Camec has a range of high quality caravan doors made with the latest materials and manufacturing techniques available. Camec aspires to include modern trends as well as features like double glazing, security mesh and inbuilt blinds.

Current Range - Odyssey Doors

The Odyssey Door range is manufactured by Camec in their Melbourne warehouse. There is a limited range of doors available in New Zealand but you are able to order your door of choice and even order customisable doors. Any doors not readily available in New Zealand will have a wait time for delivery and manufacturing of custom doors. 

Odyssey doors incorporate two doors, a main door with a screen and a security door. This is designed into one easy to use streamline unit. The door handle on the outside releases the outer door and can be left open, leaving the security door behind.

The inside door is made of black Amplimesh security grill and flyscreen, while the outer door is made of an aluminium frame with a single PVC panel infill and single glazed acrylic tinted window. Fitted to the bottom is a Venturi vent which conforms with gas regulations. The doors are finished with a 3 point locking system for added strength and stability.

The premium range has stainless steel security screens to keep out insects and thieves. The outer door features a window that is tinted and double glazed for extra comfort and temperature control.

Selecting a door style

There are many options available when choosing a new door. If you’re replacing an older door you may have limited options due to specific size limitations.


The size of the door is determined by the cutout size, not the overall dimension of the door. There are two standard width options; 572mm and 622mm. There is also a limited range of 878mm wide doors available. Standard height options are 1540mm, 1623mm, 1690mm, 1723mm, 1822mm, and 1908. These sizes are available across all ranges of doors. Remember that the corner setup will need to be taken into consideration when changing styles.


  • 4 Square Corners - The original door style which is still popular
  • 2 Radius Corners - The top two corners have curves. Generally seen on recently manufactured caravans.
  • 4 Radius Corners - All four corners have been curved. This style follows the tren lead in the American RV market


Doors will either be hinged on the left or right. The hinges on a door should face the front of the caravan and should be installed on the passenger side.


Camec has a range of colour combinations. The frames can come in either white or black and the door panel is available in white, black or silver. The vent comes in white or black. To simplify the range Camec has standard colour combinations:

  • White door, frame and vent
  • Black door, frame and vent
  • Silver door, black frame and vent

These are the two doors that we sell: