Photo by Imani on Unsplash

Most water tanks are made out of food grade plastic providing safe storage for water on your caravan or motorhome. Even so, sometimes you may find that your water may have a strange or even bad taste to it. This can be caused by mould of algae build up on the tank, chemical transfer, incorrect hose choice or just high levels of minerals in the water. 


Cleaning your tank

Giving the whole water system a clean will kill any microbes that may be causing a foul taste. A cheap trick you can try is to add ½ cup of bi-carbonate soda into a half full tank with some vinegar. This creates a chemical reaction which can dislodge any built up sediment and biofilm in the tank. When doing this method turn off the water pump and turn on the taps to release any pressure. Other cheap alternatives are Milton's baby bottle steriliser or Sanitiser for home brew. Always dilute these products and flush the tank with clean water after. Alternatively we sell Tank Cleen which you can use to flush your system or Cleanoxide Drinking water treatment tablets to eliminate any microbes and create safe drinking water.


Filler Hoses & Drinking Water Filters

Filler hoses must be of food grade standard. Hoses that are not food grade are likely to degrade in the sun and leak harmful toxins. Here is one we sell which meets the food grade standard.  Water filters can help with taste by filtering any chemicals, microbes or sediment out. Try either Shurflo Watergaurd water filter or this Inline Water Filter.

Other Tips

Some other ways of preventing bad water taste is to reduce contact with air and sunlight. Avoid using clear tubing on your filling, breather and outlet pipes and fill your tank completely to reduce the amount of air.