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  • The New Honda EU22i | An overview

    The EU22i inverter generator is the latest release from Honda.   Superseding the 2kw predecessor, this new version is more powerful than ever before, while still possessing the features we know and love from the Honda range such as whisper quiet operation and a compact design. Available to purchase from RVWorld, this model has numerous accessories available and the new features make this generator an asset to anyone, but especially RV owners.

    Honda Eu22i

    The New Honda EU22i | An overview

    Honda creates generators that are quiet, clean, compact and dependable. Their attention to detail and their technological edge is clear to see on the newest Honda EU22i generator which creates quality electricity, powerful enough to run the large household appliances, charge batteries, and power hairdryers while still being suitable to run the most sensitive appliances such as laptops and phone chargers.  Running with quiet and clean operation, the Honda generators are highly sought after, especially for motorhome and camping environments.

    Honda EU22I

    New Features

    -10% more power than the predecessor, without any physical size increases.

    -A bigger oil filler opening, a longer spout and larger oil drain gutter to make for easier and cleaner oil changes
    A fuel shutoff valve allows the engine to continue to run until the majority of the fuel in the carburettor is consumed and the engine shuts off, which helps prevent stale fuel issues and is useful for storing the generator
    A stamped metal recoil rope insert provides increased product durability and reduces potential damage to the generator body
    An increase in the ventilation for improved inverter cooling. The new ducts allow for the air to move more evenly over internal parts while improving the overall air flow for better cooling of key components
    The stator/rotor configuration of the EU22i is improved, using some of the highest quality and most powerful magnets available in the market
    These magnets, responsible for producing electricity, are thinner, keeping the diameter of the stator unchanged, reducing the weight of the component and providing more power output
    Operational contact points are colour-coded in grey, and guide the user through the starting operation
    The new design and styling of the EU22i more prominently displays the Honda logo on the side of the unit and output power on the front
    Parallel connection allows for pairing of the all-new Honda EU22i with another EU22i or a Honda EU20i K1/T1 model for added convenience and more power


    EU22I Benefits

    The EU22i is packed full of key features and the benefits of this model are easy to see.

    4 Stroke Advantage: The 4 stroke advantage eliminates the need for fuel and oil to mix which saves time and provides fuel efficient, reliable and cleaner energy than the two-stroke versions.

    Performance:  Easy to start with a pull system, the EU22I is able to run up to 15 hours, continuously.  Easy to parallel connect, you can use two Honda inverter generators for additional power.

    Portable: With a compact design, the 21kg unit is considered to be easy to move around and is ideal for a portable power supply.

    Technology: designed with a microcomputer-controlled sinewave inverter, this generator provides high-quality power, suitable for sensitive appliances such as computers.

    The Honda EU22i is our best selling generator. Its size makes it ideal for moving around with ease, while still have a powerful, reliable power supply. It is ideal for around the home, workplace and your RV or motorhome, providing enough power to run your essential appliances and is highly sought after for motorhomes who are parked in campgrounds due to its compact size and quiet operation.

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